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Hyundai Gets first hydrogen powered car approved

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Updated 21 Oct 2020

Scott Kemp

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Hyundai is the first vehicle manufacturer to get a hydrogen-powered vehicle approved by Australian Design Rules (ADR) with the Nexo, The ACT government will take delivery of 20 to use at the end of this year and will be on limited sale next year.

How does it work?

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) effectively have an onboard power station that generates its own electricity, that in turn charges an onboard battery pack, which powers the electric motor that drives the wheels.

The benefits?

The Nexo offers a range of around 650 kilometres and a refuelling time similar to a standard Petrol/Diesel powered vehicle, this removes the range anxiety that can be had with fully electric vehicles and also eliminates the long recharging times.

They also have zero emissions with the only by-product being water vapour.

The downside?

At this stage infrastructure for refuelling is very limited with only Hyundai having a refuelling station at its head office in Sydney for its use only and Toyota which has a mobile hydrogen station. The opening of the first publicly available station will coincide with the delivery to the ACT government in Canberra with Melbourne and Brisbane to follow shortly after.

Toyota also has its own version of the hydrogen car with the Marai which is now on sale in Japan, Europe and the US and has said that Australia is perfectly resourced to take the opportunity.

With the hydrogen power movement gaining traction in Australia the government is investing 300 million to boost production and exports of the gas.

The long term goal is to create a competitive and leading hydrogen industry, with the government setting an economic “stretch” goal of H2 under 2 (hydrogen production under $2 per kg).

Keep an eye out for the ambitious Australian start-up H2X which hopes to reboot the Australian vehicle manufacturing industry by building its own version of the hydrogen car.

Image credit: © Dr. Artur Braun / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

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