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Has your car been fitted with the best quality spark plugs?

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Updated 11 Oct 2019

NGK Spark Plugs Australia


These are the questions you need to be asking your mechanic to ensure the best quality spark plugs are fitted to your car. 

Who is the world’s largest spark plug manufacturer?

  • NGK is the world’s largest OEM and OES supplier of spark plugs with over 80 years’ experience
  • NGK is the ignition specialist supplying ignition coils and leads to complement their spark plugs

Who has the largest range of spark plugs in the Australian aftermarket?

  • NGK has the largest range of vehicle specific spark plugs across all categories: Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, Marine, Commercial & Industrial (Agricultural/Horticultural)
  • NGK Spark Plug listings are thoroughly researched and are either Original Equipment or equivalent to OE
  • Other brands have been known to offer a short range of plugs which they claim covers a high number of NGK plugs. This approach compromises important attributes that put your engine at risk.
  • Install NGK with confidence knowing that it is the correct specifications for your engine

What are the key attributes of a quality spark plug?

  • The design and engineering, together with the manufacturing process and materials used are all important factors in determining the quality of a spark plug
  • Different engines have different requirements for optimal performance including heat range, firing end projection, number of ground electrodes, ground electrode shape/design, and single/double precious metal. 
  • The NGK Difference includes High-grade alumina silicate ceramic, cold-rolled threads, trivalent plating, 98% pure copper core and special ground electrode designs
  • NGK engineers work closely with engine manufacturers to ensure the exacting requirements, and NGK’s dedication to quality ensures you can rely on NGK

Is there a better spark plug option for my vehicle other than the recommended plug?

  • The recommended plug suggested by NGK is OE or equivalent to OE
  • If there is an option for upgrading to a higher performing Iridium spark plug, this option is also listed
  • The use of iridium enables superior performance and durability over standard nickel plugs due to the incorporation of precious metals in the electrodes
  • Search for the best plug for your engine by visiting NGK.COM.AU/PARTFINDER or through the NGK PART FINDER APP, available in the App Store and Google Play

What if I have a modified engine?

  • The full range of NGK Racing Spark Plugs is available in Australia for modified fine-tuned engines, with over 100 part numbers comprising of multiple heat ranges and firing end designs
  • Visit ngk.com.au for more information, or call NGK Spark Plugs Australia on 1300 55 40 59 and speak to a highly trained customer service representative
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NGK Spark Plugs Australia

NGK is the global leader in ignition technology with over 80 years of expertise in spark plug manufacturing.

Their dedication to quality and innovation ensures outstanding reliability.

NGK Spark Plugs is committed to a customer-focused approach, ensuring that you are on the road quickly with no inconvenience as a number one priority.