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Fixed speed camera locations in Australia

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Updated 12 Mar 2021

Rachel White

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Speed is the number one factor in crashes that result in serious injuries and fatalities, and one of the goals of the police in states and territories across Australia is to make drivers more aware of the speeds they are doing. One way to do this is to have fixed speed cameras installed in areas where speed limits may be overlooked.

Fixed speed cameras are permanently installed cameras that monitor the speed of traffic and identify any vehicle exceeding the signed speed limit. A photographic detection device will take an image of the speeding vehicle, the image will be reviewed and a penalty/infringement notice may be issued to the registered owner of that vehicle.

Fixed speed cameras are positioned in locations based on crash history or assessed risk. They may also be positioned on roads where it may be difficult to monitor traffic by other means. State road management departments make an assessment of risk and advise the police, who then determine what type of monitoring can safely be undertaken in those areas.

The position of speed cameras in each state and the crash history data are available online:

Qld fixed speed and red light camera locations
Qld government crash history data selects camera locations

NSW fixed digital speed camera locations
NSW crash analysis. Fixed speed camera program.

ACT Traffic speed camera locations
ACT road safety report

VIC camera locations
VIC location of crashes

TAS permanent speed cameras
TAS speed detection device report (2009)

SA traffic camera locations
SA crash data from safety cameras

WA camera locations
WA road fatality statistics

NT speed cameras
NT towards zero - (Download PDF - Where and when crashes occur page 11)

There are no secrets when it comes to where you can find a fixed speed camera, or in fact any type of speed detection device set-up zones. It appears to be very open data for anyone in the community to access. So, no excuses for speeding in those locations.

Setting up speeding devices

When it comes to speed cameras, the police are allowed to use their own discretion in regards to where and how cameras are set up. It is not police policy to deliberately conceal speed cameras. Speed cameras are meant to be more of a deterrence - a speed awareness device that will reduce accidents.

Who sets speed limits?

State road management departments set the speed limits based on the following:

  • Number of traffic lanes
  • Crash history
  • If there is parking on the road
  • Development and housing in the area
  • Property access points
  • If there are traffic signals

Speed limits can be reviewed and changed if it is seen to reduce the number of crashes.

The strategy is “Towards Zero”. This is the target for deaths and serious injuries due to road accidents - ZERO! No one wants that knock on the door or that phone call from the authorities.

It may seem like revenue-raising activity to some but, when you think about it, driving a car can be one of the most dangerous activities undertaken, so let’s side with the law and become a little more aware of speed signs and where that dial falls.

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