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Do I need an LPG certificate to sell my car?

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Updated 15 Apr 2021

Fionna Blackburne

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If your car runs on LPG (gas) - the short answer is yes.

If your car is fitted with an LPG system, be it, dual fuel (LPG and petrol) or dedicated LPG you are legally required to have an LPG (gas) certificate to register or transfer ownership of the car.

You are required to obtain an LPG (gas) certificate to ensure that the equipment is safe, and it is the responsibility of the seller to obtain that certificate.

The LPG (gas) certificate inspection will set you back about $99 and is valid for 3 months.

If your car is dual fuel, you are legally required to have an LPG (gas) certificate and a safety certificate (petrol) to register or transfer the car.

A safety certificate will set you back about $85 and is valid for 2 months or 2,000km (whichever comes first).

Are your LPG (gas) tank/s over 10 years old?

By Australian standards, if your LPG (gas) system is over 10 years old, the tank/s need to be re-certified.

For example, if the LPG (gas) system was installed in 2010, the tank/s will need to be tested in 2020.

Re-certification is a detailed process and entails:

  1. Checking the tank date on the actual tank/s
  2. Checking the emission
  3. Run and empty gas lines
  4. Remove gas tank fittings
  5. Carry out external inspection
  6. Remove all liquid and vapor from gas tank/s
  7. Remove tank with nitrogen
  8. Remove and test valves and fittings
  9. Inspect tank/s internally
  10. Test and replace valves and seals
  11. Pressure test tank/s
  12. Leak check tank/s
  13. Date stamp tank/s
  14. Drain tank/s and reinstall
  15. Leak test connections and fittings using a small amount of LPG (gas)
  16. Compliance certificate is issued

LPG is very volatile.

The LPG (gas) certificate inspection and 10-year tank/s testing needs to be carried out by a licensed operator with specialist equipment.

The 10-year tank testing costs approximately $500 to $800 and is valid for 10 years.

It’s important to note that testing isn’t just about compliance, it’s also about making sure that you and your family are safe.

Faults can occur and such testing is a measure to ensure the community is safe and that your LPG system is running efficiently.

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Fionna Blackburne

Fionna is the owner of Southeast Auto Mechanical in Beenleigh, Queensland. A former lawyer, Fionna decided on a radical career change, qualified as a light vehicle mechanic and took over Southeast Auto in 2016.

As well as delivering quality service to their customers, Fionna and her team run an award-winning, free car maintenance workshop program for women.