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Different types of car washes explained


Updated 4 Mar 2020


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In Australia you can find a few different types of car wash service offerings.

In-bay automatic car washes

Customer selects the type of wash they’re after from a kiosk. Car is parked inside a bay and the machinery moves around the vehicle using cleaning chemicals with either cloth/foam or high-pressure water. Once finished, you drive the car out.

Self-service bays

Car is parked inside the bay and the customer puts coins inside the kiosk which activates a timer and the water/soap nozzle or scrubber. Customer manually uses the nozzle or scrubber to clean their car until the time runs out and soap stops. More coins are needed to reactivate the system. A high-pressure hose is used to rinse car. Feel free to BYO products.

Conveyor tunnel washes

The car is parked on the conveyor belt as it goes through multiple steps of a car wash. This is usually done by machinery, but can also be assisted by employees. This is an efficient system that is capable of washing cars in quick succession at a high standard with low human involvement, and without the customer needing to exit the car.

Manual car wash and detailing services

This service involves employees manually completing the wash on a vehicle at the business’s location. There are usually different levels of car washing or detailing you can request at different costs. These services are generally more personalised and interior cleans can be included.

Mobile car wash and detailing services

Similar to the above, except they come to you! A mobile service can complete a car wash without the customer needing to leave the house - the job will be done in the driveway of the customer’s property. They’ll need a safe place to work, so the side of the road probably won’t do.


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