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6 best iOS apps for drivers

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Updated 10 Oct 2019

Rita Bonivento

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Ever found yourself happily cruising along the road, driving to a new destination, only to realise your mobile phone battery has died, and along with it your sat nav system?

Panic starts to set in. ‘Eeeeek!! How will I find the meeting/party/restaurant without my GPS?!’ you ask yourself.

What a vibe killer.

This happened to me recently when I was driving to a work conference in Noosa.

As I turned off the main highway towards town, my mobile ran out of charge and all of a sudden I was plunged into a frustrating and frightening world of GPS darkness!

I actually had to stop at a corner deli and physically ask the shop attendant for directions to an address I didn’t know because it was stored in my now defunct mobile phone!

Ever since the evolution of the analog mobile phone brick to today’s hi-tech smartphone we so readily take for granted, we have relied heavily on technology for not only maps and GPS systems, but so many other features and apps that improve our driving experience.

Here are 6 iOS apps that’ll get you listening, parking, refuelling and buying better.

1. AutoGuru

Now, this may seem bias, but the AutoGuru app has got to be one of the best apps for any car driver or owner.

The AutoGuru app lets you bring up fixed priced quotes for a range of repairs and services.

You can even have your car booked into a local mechanic within minutes through the app, all whilst knowing that you’re paying the right price, as you compare and choose from a range of mechanics.

For major repairs, AutoGuru will send these job details to mechanics in your area, who will then quote up the job. AutoGuru will send you quotes from three mechanics so you can choose which one you’d like to book with.

The best part? It can all be done from your phone in just a few taps!

Within the AutoGuru app, you can see real customers reviews of each mechanic, just for that added peace of mind and confidence.

Download from the App Store for our Apple user, or the Google Play Store, for our friends with Androids.

The days of you having to ring around multiple different mechanics trying to lock down an accurate price are over, the AutoGuru app does it for you!

Cost: Free to download, Free to get quotes.

2. Waze

Much more than just maps, the Waze app brings together a community of local drivers who report real-time traffic tips, hazards, roadworks, traffic jams and detours as they happen.

This clever app helps you to plan your trip around those delays, saving you time and fuel on your daily commute.

Because Waze maps are constantly being edited and improved, they’re the first to show changes happening in your neighbourhood.

Plus, you can find the cheapest fuel stations on your route, based on community-shared fuel prices.

So the app saves you money on fuel, helps you outsmart traffic and get the best route to work and back on the daily. Nicely done.

Cost: Free

3. 7-Eleven Fuel Price Lock
When it comes to finding and securing a cheaper fuel price, it doesn’t get much easier than the 7-Eleven Fuel Price Lock app.

You just choose your fuel type and the app brings up service stations with the best-priced fuel in your local area.

You’ll need to register for a 7-Eleven Card through the app, and put cash onto your card to be able to secure the low fuel price.

Then lock in your litre quantity and fuel price and redeem it when you get to the counter of any 7-Eleven fuel store in Australia.

Oh, and as a Fuel App user, you get access to offers and perks, like free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and fruit, or discounted products instore.

The only downside is that the fuel price lock is only available through the 7-Eleven Mobil network, rather than a price comparison across all fuel brands.

Cost: Free

4. Spotify
Why be restricted to listening to traditional radio stations on your drive? Spotify is the most popular music streaming service which can be enjoyed through your phone, PC and now your car.

Some cars offer Spotify direct to your dashboard, but if your car doesn’t, you can use Bluetooth or an auxiliary jack to hook it up through your phone.

The app lets you listen to any artist or album as long as you have an internet connection (through your device).

You can build your own playlists or tap into readymade playlists that have been compiled by music fans and experts.

It’s the perfect music medium to discover new tracks and artists!

Paid subscribers get access to offline listening and commercial free music.

Cost: Free or Subscription

5. Parkmobile

The Parkmobile app is really handy if you find yourself in the city without cash or coins to feed into the parking meter.

This app lets you pay for parking with a credit or EFT payment card and a smartphone or PC.

The great thing about Parkmobile is that you can simply use it when you’re at your chosen parking spot.

You have to sign up to the app the first time you use it, then subsequent uses become much faster because your details are already registered.

Parkmobile has corporate accounts too, where you can pay for your parking in advance, extend parking sessions and download GST receipts.

Note: City of Sydney Council area requires a current valid ticket to be displayed on the vehicle dash for every parking session, so Parkmobile is only useful in this area if you pre-pay, print and display your ticket when parking.

Parking attendants are able to check you’re parked with Parkmobile in all other areas throughout Australia.

Cost: Free

6. Google Placebook
From one of the best-known brands in the world, Google Placebook lists local businesses and places of interest and is one of the best driving tools going

This app makes it so easy to identify businesses landmarks at a glance and you can quickly save the place contact info in your iPhone contacts for later.

Whether you’re looking for a food joint, entertainment venue, tattoo parlour or whatever, Google Places identifies all registered businesses using clear, easy-to-read icons on Google Maps.

Cost: $1.49

With so many cool and helpful apps available to make your motoring experience awesome, you don’t want to run out of phone battery at the most crucial time. Get yourself a USB car charger, so you’re always powered up and ready for all situations on your drive.

Happy travels.

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Rita Bonivento

Rita’s a Gold Coast dweller who’s been wordsmithing for ages. She started out at Michelin Melbourne 22 years ago, & an avid traveller, has written in the marketing arena all over the world since then.

Her first car was a 1970 VW wagon she inherited from her dad. She’s had a few vehicles since then with an overall Toyota theme coz she reckons they do the best air con for the Aussie heat.