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5 ways car dealers try to get you to spend more

Lara Wilde

Updated 28 Sep 2022

Lara Wilde

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Car shopping is one of my favourite past times.

I go at least once a week to shop for people who don’t have time to haggle with sales staff. I love it.

I love the smell of a new car, I love the test drive process and most of all I love negotiating with the sales team to get the best deal.

As an experienced shopper, I have noticed 5 ways the dealer will try to get you to spend more.

1: Are you feeling me, baby?

Buying a car is a huge investment and a lot of emotions get packed up into that.

Will the car send you broke? Will it do everything you need?

Will it make you look cool?

If you are like me, you fall in love with a car and then it is as much an emotional investment as a financial one.

Sales staff know that.

They will compliment you and play to your ego to get you to spend more.

“Sure, where you live it rains 360 days a year but with hair like yours it would be criminal not to get the convertible for just $10,000 extra!”

2: Just a little bit more.

Isn’t it funny how the more you spend the less it seems to matter?

If I told you a car was $10,000 but for an extra $5,000 you could get super-duper paint protection you might cough and splutter a bit.

But if the car is $80,000 then an extra $5,000 seems very reasonable.

The extras add up fast. If you only want the base model, then only get the base model.

There is no need to upgrade to leather seats if you can spend the money on seat covers instead.

3: All the whizz-bang gadgets.

Cars today have so many features.

Non-stop lights and beeps telling you that you are driving.

Before you sign up to the special cargo organiser tub custom-designed for this model, or the deluxe air freshener, take a second and question if you really need it.

The best way to beat this sales tactic is to write a very detailed list of what you want in a car before you go shopping and then stick to it.

4: We can give you all the monies.

Car dealerships don’t just sell cars.

They also sell money.

The salesperson will always make the unaffordable dream car possible with their special finance offer.

Very rarely is that finance offer better than what your bank or credit institution can offer you.

Shop around for your money.

5: Today is the last day!

This is an old favourite . . . Runout Sale! End of Financial Year Sale!

Sales staff love to tell you that the car you have your eye on is a unicorn, the last of its kind at that price. Rubbish.

Do your research online.

Head to carsales.com.au and type in the same model.

You are sure to find dozens all over the country also promising to be the last in existence at that price or cheaper.

Don’t let them pressure you.

Car dealerships are there to make money.

Be prepared before you step foot in their yard.

Do your research online, write a list and stick to it and if you get really stuck, call me - I would love to go shopping for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that provided you haven’t purchased an extended warranty, you’re free to service your car with any qualified mechanic and still retain your manufacturer's warranty!

The easiest place to find all the best-qualified mechanics is AutoGuru.

Search, compare and book from local Aussie mechanics all in one place.

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Lara Wilde

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Lara Wilde

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