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Direct Tyre & Auto Service

The last review I said I would be back, boy was that a big mistake giving the apprentice the benefit of the doubt only to get bitten twice first on my Astra and again on my Festiva! Poor work done to both cars including scratches to my Astras mags and my sensors going off as well as coolant all through my battery. Persuaded with "free extras" done to my Festiva which resulted them in breaking my sump plug due to over-tightening and replaced with a "free" crappy secondhand when they are under 10 dollars new. Charged 69.99 for my 65 dollar tires and charged 65 for coolant that was under 1L worth so with my festy I opted out for coolant and provided my own for a water pump and timing belt, which resulted in them using water although I provided a brand new premix coolant to use, it wasn't even cracked open. Many more problems to list but be warned! Do not trust the apprentice, his work is clearly not looked over.

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