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Lotus Excel Windscreen replacement

What is involved in the cost of Lotus Excel windscreen replacements?

The windscreen on your Lotus Excel keeps the bugs out of your teeth while enabling you to see your way down the road ahead of you.

Unexpected circumstances can lead to your windscreen requiring replacement, whether due to a crack, chip or even a hole through it.

But why are Lotus Excel windscreens getting so expensive? To begin with, you're not paying for one windscreen but two. Windscreens consist of two panes of specially designed safety glass with a laminate sheet in between them so the window stays intact and doesn't completely shatter into shards and cause injury to the vehicle occupants. 

The other reason is that windscreens come in a variety of unique sizes and shapes and have some intelligent designs built into them. Some of these grand designs can increase the cost when your Lotus Excel's windscreen needs to be replaced.

Modern vehicles now have rain sensors, heated windscreens, light sensors, heads up displays, solar reflective windscreens, lane departure warning systems and who knows what else, but what we do know is all these gadgets add to the price of replacing a windscreen.  

When a Lotus Excel is equipped with all these wonderful safety features on or in the windscreen, consider the extra expense to replace or recalibrate them when the windscreen needs replacing.

If you need a windscreen replacement, that’s where AutoGuru can chip in and send the experts to lend a hand.

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