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Foton Rear window replacement

Is Your Foton Rear Window Damaged And In Need Of Replacing?

The rear windscreen of your Foton does more than just allow you to see what’s behind you while you're driving.

It protects your interior from the elements, makes the car look stylish and provides structural integrity to the vehicle in the case of an accident. It does have to put up with the harsh UV from the sun, as well as dirt and debris that gets thrown at it day after day, so damage to the window is almost inevitable.

The rear window is usually made from tempered glass, which is heated and cooled multiple times to increase its strength and safety aspects. If it is damaged, it is designed to break into thousands of tiny pieces that are less sharp than the large shards a normal piece of glass would create when broken.

A rear window also has a heating element built into it, to allow for the demisting of the glass when the temperature outside is less than in the Foton.

When your rear window in your Foton has cracks or chips, the demister isn't working or it's completely broken then there's a good chance it will need to be replaced.

Having a clear view of what is behind you is an important part of driving, but having your Foton's safety features working at their optimum is another reason to have your rear window replaced as soon as it becomes damaged.

Keep your Foton safe and protected from the elements with a new window by calling the helpful team at AutoGuru.

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