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Average rating of Mobile Mechanics in Logan City


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• Jun 2020

Barry did a great job. He inspected the Ute nicely, but, also gave me confidence in my ventures. He inspected the Ute and gave a great assessment and said the car was a good one. Also wished me all the best in my endeavour and surely that’s a special quality which I found in him. Keep it up, Barry!

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Where can I get my car serviced?

You can get your car serviced anywhere from an individual mechanical workshop or service centre, a major car servicing chain or a dealership. Mobile mechanics are also complete car servicing. AutoGuru can help you search, compare and book from over 1,700 fully qualified mechanics. Get fixed price, obligation-free quotes with the click of a few buttons.

Do I need to service my car before I sell it?

Whilst there is no requirement, rule or law that says you must service your car before you sell it, it might be something you want to consider. It may increase buyer confidence knowing you've recently invested money into servicing the car.

Do I legally need to get my car serviced regularly?

There is no legal requirement in Australia to get your car serviced regularly, or even at all. It is, however, in your best interest to do so.

Can I Afterpay my car service?

Yes! You can pay for your car service with Afterpay by booking with any participating mechanic on AutoGuru. Book a car service with Afterpay!

Will servicing my car with an independent mechanic void my warranty?

No. As long your car is serviced by a qualified mechanic and quality parts are used, your manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected. If you have purchased an extended warranty, you will need to confirm with the warranty provider.

Can I use any grade of oil in my engine?

Your safest bet is to use the engine oil grade determined by the car manufacturer, in order to maintain the best conditions for optimal engine protection. The only variance to that would be if an engine is dying and a different oil is used in an attempt to keep it alive a little longer.