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Do automatic car washes scratch your car?

Many modern automated car washes use non-abrasive cloth to clean your car, which shouldn’t cause any damage. However, you may still come across those that use brushes which can potentially damage the paint by leaving small scratch marks. It’s best to avoid this kind of automatic car wash.

What are the different types of car washes?

In Australia, you can find a few different types of car wash service offerings. We explain the difference between each type of car wash in detail, check it out!

  • In-bay automatic car washes
  • Self-service bays
  • Conveyor tunnel washes
  • Manual car wash and detailing services
  • Mobile car wash and detailing services

What is a car wash service?

A car wash service is a business that cleans the exterior (and may also offer an interior cleaning service) of vehicles. There are many different types, such as fully automated, self-service, full-service (where car wash employees will perform the job) and mobile services.

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