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Why we use mobile mechanics

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Updated 31 Oct 2019

Denis Doherty

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If there was a word that summed up your life between the hours of, say, 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, what would it be? My guess would be ‘busy’.

Getting the kids up and ready for school, dropping them off, battling traffic to get to work on time, getting your ‘real’ work done so you can do the return school run, help with homework, think about going to the gym (and sometimes actually going) . . . it can be an exhausting.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Now imagine that day begins with a spluttering engine and the realisation that the engine light that has been blinking ominously at you for a few days does not actually signify that ‘all is well’, and that waiting three years between services was probably not a good idea.

Whatever you say to yourself at this point, it’s probably not pleasant.

The truth is we all lead busy lives, and when your car needs some work done, finding the time to drop it off at the garage, arrange alternative transport (if you’re not fortunate enough to get your hands on a loan car) and juggle all the other daily chores, can be a bit of a pain.

Enter the mobile mechanic.

The single greatest benefit of a mobile mechanic is convenience. In the grind of our busy lives, getting your car serviced, tuned or repaired at a time and place that suits you can be a godsend.

Added to that, most mobile mechanics come with the enormous benefit of being experienced all-rounders.

When mechanics work in a shop, particularly if it is a large operation, they tend to specialise.

That will happen whether it is in terms of the work they do or the makes and models they work on.

But mobile mechanics have to be able to work on all makes and models and be able to repair almost every automotive ailment out there.

And if they can't fix it, they should at least be able to have a conversation with you and give you a rundown of why they can't get your pride and joy back on the road.

And that conversation represents another great reason as to why we use mobile mechanics – communication.

From the moment they arrive, you get to spark up a relationship with the person who is actually going to do the nitty gritty work on your car.

This is not some anonymous technician, working in the cavernous workshop of a dealership, who you will never meet.

That connection is important, as much for the mechanic as for you, for if all goes well, you’ve found yourself a mechanic you can trust, who you’ll use again, who will come to know your vehicle inside and out, and who will deliver a convenient and quality service at a decent price.

And that is, well, priceless.

AutoGuru is here to help you find your forever mechanic!

We’ve got the very best mobile mechanics, which you can search, compare and book all online in the click of a few buttons.

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Denis Doherty

Denis Doherty learned to drive manuals when his dad took him out on flood-ravaged north-west Queensland roads and put him behind the wheel of the company's Toyota Land Cruiser.

Since then, he has loved cars and the freedom they offer.

Despite knowing better, his first car was a Mitsubishi Sigma, but at least it was the GLX which was modified by motoring writer Peter Wherrett.

He currently drives a 1998 Holden Calais but still wishes he was in his Peugeot 206 GTI180.