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What aftermarket accessories can be fitted by auto electricians?

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Updated 20 Nov 2020

Rachel White

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A vehicle contains over a thousand wires, computers, fuses, relays, sensors, electrical components and switches. So who are you going to call when the car's electronics fizz out? An auto electrician, of course.

Auto electricians were born to find faults, delve deep into wires, get technical and sort out those faulty electrical components. They really are a special breed of highly skilled professionals and are in high demand.

With the electric vehicle (EV) market growing, and with all the accessories and gadgets that now come standard on a car, an auto electrician’s job is ever more sort after. You could say vehicles are practically computers on wheels.

But auto electricians don’t just maintain and repair accessories that come as standard fitment on a car.

They can also install aftermarket accessories. But what type of accessories can they fit?

Well, here are a few you might be considering installing in your four-wheel pride and joy, and which might require the services of a qualified auto sparky.

Tracker devices

If you want to stalk your lover or watch carefully over your teenagers, this is the device to install . . . as long as it’s in your own car, otherwise I’m sure it would be illegal.

Speed limiters

Not a bad tool for the kids or if you're prone to getting way too many speeding tickets, can’t afford fines or don’t want to lose your licence.

In-car entertainment

If you want to go deaf and have everyone within a one-block radius hear your tunes, then install some new speakers and stereo and ‘dush-dush’ away. Or maybe you need some back-of-seat displays so the kids will stop biting and screaming and watch a movie instead.

Navigational equipment

In the old days, we had a memory and refidex. That’s now long gone. Today you just tell the dash where you are going and it will personally guide you every inch of the way, in a sexy and sultry voice too!

Reversing cameras

With all these luxury accessories, why should you have to turn and look over your shoulder anymore? Now you can sip on your morning coffee and easily check if you're about to run over your son’s bike in the driveway.


High beam just isn’t enough sometimes. Might as well add a lightbar and spotties just in case you’re ever on the Nullarbor and need to signal a lift home.

Mobility devices

Those wonderful devices that assist disabled people both to drive and get in and out of their vehicles.

Anti-theft devices

Trying to keep the crims out or do you just like waking your neighbours up in the middle of the night? A little added security can keep the anxiety away if your car is your pride and joy.


Have you been a ‘bloody idiot’? Sometimes the courts decide you're not capable of driving unless you take a breathalyzer test from a device hooked up to your car's ignition . . . please blow into the tube.

Dash cams

For all the lovers of near-miss action on the road. Point a camera to your windscreen and laugh away. Also, quite useful for those once or twice-in-a-lifetime events when you do have a front end accident. The video footage may hold up in court and in your favour.

These are some of the aftermarket accessories an auto electrician can install for you. I’m sure there’s plenty more but I need to get to the auto electrician to have a tracker device installed.

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Rachel White

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