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How mobile mechanics are making servicing and repairs safe during COVID-19

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Updated 25 Mar 2021


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The Coronavirus pandemic has really changed the way Australians, and the world, do things.

Delivery services have been around for a while, but never before has the wider population relied so heavily on the drivers and their vehicles to bring them the things they need the most.

Whilst these delivery services are looking after Australians, someones got to look after them, and that’s where auto servicing and repair services come into play.

Auto services are still declared as an essential service, and rightly so, but that’s not to say that auto service providers are approaching things as if nothing has changed. There has been a massive shift in how they deliver their expert services, and we’re here to highlight a few.

My-Tech Mobile Mechanical is a mobile mechanic service based on the Gold Coast, and like many other mobile mechanics throughout Australia, they have had to adapt to the current situation presented by COVID-19.

Cam from My-Tech runs us through some things that his business has implemented to help protect both their staff and their customers as much as possible from COVID-19, whilst still providing their essential service.

First things first, what services can mobile mechanics provide?

One of their primary services is providing general logbook servicing, which helps customers maintain their new car warranties as those service intervals keep ticking over during COVID-19.

They can also provide general repairs such as brake repairs or replacements, oil leak inspections, diagnose faults and perform electrical scan tool diagnostics. As mobile services, there’s not much they can’t do.

What are some challenges being faced by mobile mechanics during COVID-19?

The biggest challenge mentioned by Cam was the quick adaptation of social distancing and the different hygiene practices that they have put in place to protect staff and customers.

What are some low-contact measures that mobile mechanics have put in place to promote hygiene?

Cam and his team have taken some serious steps in response to COVID-19. This includes completing online Government training for best hygiene practices for businesses, using disposable, single-use seat covers for each car and washing down and sanitising touch points before and after work.

They have even organised with customers to collect car keys from hidden places, such as under a doormat, and then return them to the same place, fully sanitised, in order to deliver a truly contactless service.

How can customers help manage hygiene?

Doing a couple of things before the mobile mechanic arrives can go a long way in managing hygiene. The first is to turn off the air-conditioning, including shutting off the fans, inside the car. The second is making sure the car is already parked in a place where the mechanic can work on it, without them needing to move the car.

Working with your mobile mechanic to organise a contactless key collection and return point also helps to keep your service as hygienic as possible.

How can customers get their car serviced during COVID-19?

It’s never been easier! Services such as low-contact mobile car servicing and repairs, and car pick-up and drop-off, make servicing or repairing your car during COVID-19 easy, safe and hygienic.

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