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Average rating of Air Conditioning Repair Specialists near Forrestdale

Average rating of Air Conditioning Repair Specialists near Forrestdale

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Autobahn Mechanical and Electrical Services Armadale

Armadale WA 6112

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WHY CHOOSE AUTOBAHN: 1 - Complimentary Wash, Vacuum and Smelly Tree with every service. 2 - Lifetime Workmanship Warranty! 3 - Only use service parts that either meet or exceed manufactures specifications that will NOT void your new car warranty! 4 - Free local client pick up and drop off service for your convenience. 5 - Fully government licensed workshops with licensed technicians for total peace of mind! “Right first time, on time!" 6 - All work only undertaken upon approval: “Autobahn’s price never exceeds the Quote!” 7 - Complimentary Checks, Inspections and Quotes.



• Jun 2020

I was disappointed with the extensive list of things that require attention. Service receipt said battery passed load test yet on works recommended to be done it stated that it failed load test? Got told I only have40% brakes on the front and 30% On rear yet I only had new brake pads fitted 3 months ago. I have owned my vehicle for just over a year and the only noticeable issue has been the oil leak which I asked to be diagnosed as to where it's leaking from but as they didn't do an engine bay clean they were unable to tell me where the oil leak is coming from. They said they checked the air filter but there wasn't a fingerprint on the casing and whilst on that subject, my car had never been off-road in the time I've owned it and has always been very clean under the bonnet yet when I got it back it was dusty add under the bonnet and there was sand on my engine. Yes, I was satisfied with the minor service but definitely not happy with the to-do list. I will definitely be getting another opinion from another mechanic. Thanks.

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