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Average rating of Air Conditioning Repair Specialists near Sandgate

Average rating of Air Conditioning Repair Specialists near Sandgate

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Lambton Automotive

Lambton NSW 2299

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ABOUT LAMBTON AUTOMOTIVE Here at Lambton Automotive we are proud to be an Australian owned and operated workshop servicing our local community of Lambton. We believe that motorists in Lambton deserve the very best in customer service and technical expertise, that’s why we choose to be a part of Australia’s largest independent network of mechanical workshops, proudly backed by the biggest name in the business - Repco. As your local Repco Authorised Service centre we have access to the best parts and training in the country and offer a Nationwide Warranty honoured at over 400 workshops across Australia. So, wherever you go, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of Lambton Automotive and Repco Authorised Service. OUR TEAM The team at Lambton Automotive are committed to excellence. As a Repco Authorised Car Service Centre we provide high quality customer service and superior workmanship, ensuring our customers receive the very best in automotive care. OUR FACILITIES Our workshop is widely acknowledged as one of the best equipped and most professional independent operations in Australia. OUR SERVICE You won’t find a better level of customer service than from the friendly team at Lambton Automotive. You can rely on us to do the little things that really make a difference! Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM



• Nov 2020

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